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3 Benefits Of Using LED Business Signs

One of the best ways to get potential customers to pay attention to your business is with attractive signage. Thankfully, you are past the days where you need to have a custom painted sign to stick in your window. Customizable LED signs are now very affordable for businesses of all sizes, and provide many benefits over traditional signage.

Energy Cost Savings

While the initial costs to purchase an LED sign can be expensive, it will be cheaper to run over time than other types of signs that light up. Even something as simple as a neon “Open” sign can be expensive to operate. The cost of operating a neon sign is $125 a year, compared to an LED sign that is as little as $5 a year. The LED sign is 96% cheaper, which is a cost savings that can help pay for your LED sign over the years.

The lights used in an LED sign will last much longer than an incandescent light bulb too. LED lights are rated to last over 50,000 hours. When compared to incandescent light bulbs, you would need 42 light bulbs to light a sign for the same period of time.

Custom Signage

The best way to catch the attention of potential customers is to change up the signs that they see on a regular basis. If you have a traditional sign created, it will stay that way forever. You can swap them out with a new sign, but that can be expensive just to change the messaging that they see. Neon signs are expensive to create and permanent, which is why they are commonly used in open signs—they will never need to change.

LED signs let you connect them to a computer, and you can change the messaging that customers see at no cost. Messages can rotate during the day with different offers, and customers will tend to read it more often as they want to know what has changed.


The biggest benefit of LED signage is how it uses animation to capture the attention of customers. You can make words scroll across the screen, flash, or even change in color. These attention grabbing techniques are simply not possible when using other signs.

By taking advantage of the latest technology in LED sign, you can connect with your customers in new ways that you never could before, and do it in an energy efficient way. Contact a signage company like Trim-Line Of Central Alberta Ltd today for more information.

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