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Why You Should Choose A Hydrovac Truck Service For Your Excavation Needs

Hydrovac excavation is using water under high pressure to excavate ground cover and expose buried objects, such as water and sewer piping. It is less destructive and also faster than traditional excavation techniques, such as hand digging. A hydrovac truck service can help you get the job done more quickly and at lower cost.

How it Works

The truck uses its onboard power to generate a high-pressure stream of water. The resultant mixture of material (soil, rocks) and the water, called “slurry,” is then pumped into a storage tank for later disposal. As the excavation proceeds, the water and slurry are constantly pumped away so that the target of the excavation is exposed and surveyed as quickly as possible.

Water is Better

There are several reasons why water under pressure is an ideal excavating tool:

  • Water dissolves soils, especially tough soils such as caliche, when it might be very difficult to break the soil with hand or power tools
  • No air pressure is generated and no debris is thrown into the air
  • Water acts as its own coolant and lubricant
  • Water can be heated to thaw and excavate frozen ground

Less Environmental Impact

Traditional excavation methods can be quite damaging to the environment. Hydrovac truck service avoids this damage:

  • Little, if any, dust is generated and what material is excavated is combined with the water into slurry and properly stored, not turned into debris which could migrate off-site
  • Municipal waterways and water supplies are protected because the excavation process is carefully controlled
  • Contaminants and spillage are more easily controlled, so accidents and unexpected problems won’t cause environmental damage

Who Should Use Hydrovac Trucks?

In a nutshell, any industry that deals with buried pipelines and conduits can benefit from hydrovac truck service, such as Elite Waste Disposal Inc. These include municipal power and water utilities, telecommunications companies, drilling companies, oil and gas providers, and factories that transport materials and supplies through underground pipes. If you regularly need trenches dug and want to do so in as environmentally friendly and cost-effective a way as possible, then hydrovac is the way to go.

Less Damage to Your Infrastructure

It’s all too common an occurrence–you’re digging downward with heavy equipment to find a pipeline, and then you find it, all right–by puncturing it. This isn’t a problem with hydrovac truck service. The target of the excavation is exposed gradually and the water hitting the pipe–unlike, say, a backhoe doing so–won’t damage it. This alone is a very good reason to use hydrovac–you won’t have to spend any time repairing the pipeline you uncover!

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