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3 Ways Recycling Can Make Cleaning Up After A Party Easy

After a large social event like a party, there’s almost always a tremendous amount of trash hanging around. While you can always just bag it all up and dump it, a more responsible approach is to recycle as much of it as you can. Here’s a few things you can do to mitigate the after-party drudgery beforehand.

1. Purchase with Recycling in Mind

The first thing for you to do is to make sure that you consider recycling in the planning. If you don’t want to collect tons of garbage afterwards, there’s quite few things you should consider.

  • Purchase items that use minimal packaging
  • Use reusable plates (not paper plates)
  • Use non-disposable utensils (not plastic)
  • Purchase drinks that come in bottles you can return to a depot
  • Use decorations that you can use again

The more things that are reusable, the less garbage you have to worry about. The more things you use that come in minimal packaging, the less you have to fill up your trash bin. Finally, the more things you use that are biodegradable, the more you can recycle rather than toss.

2. Make it Easy for Guests

Never leave your guests guessing about what they should do with their trash. You should set out trash bins that clearly state what they are for. You can have a bin for bottles, a bin for recyclables, and a bin for non-recyclable garbage. Post signs if you have to.

3. Dealing with Food

One of the things that many people do after a party is toss out the leftovers. You should never toss good food, especially if there’s something more worthwhile you can do with it.

  • Keep it for yourself and family
  • Compost it, rather than trash it
  • Package it up and hand it out to friends and family
  • See if you can donate it to a shelter or kitchen

Some of those suggestions are for leftovers, but the compost idea also works for food waste from the party. You may want to set out a bin specifically for food waste.

Cleaning Up Afterwards

If you incorporated recycling into your planning, then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Cleanup will go much quicker because you should have everything already neatly separated.

You can take the bottles to the bottle depot. You can take your other recyclables to where they need to go. You can compost the food. You can dump all the reusable dinnerware into the dishwasher. And you can get the cleaning process over with so you can go relax. To learn more, contact a company like Quick Stop Bottle Depot if you have any questions or concerns.

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