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Properly Disposing Of Liquid Waste

There is a common problem that people have where if something is out of sight, it is out of mind. Unfortunately, this means that there are a lot of people who are not aware of how harmful it is to dump certain liquids down their drains or in the gutter. Dumping substances like oil, paint, chemicals, or other liquids down the drain can cause different problems such as

  • damage to your pipes, septic tank, and even the sewer lines in the road by breaking or clogging them
  • endangering the water supply because everything eventually floats to a water treatment facility or a body of water

There are other ways to properly dispose of liquid waste products. Some of the most common questions that people ask are what they can do with their liquid waste if they can’t pour it down the drain and landfills won’t take it. The most common liquid wastes that people need disposed of are oil and grease from cars and cooking.

Motor Oil and Car Grease

If you have ever bought motor oil and done your own maintenance on your car, you may have noticed that on the can or bottle it specifically says not to pour it down a drain or into a storm drain. The reason for this is that it can harm underwater vegetation, aquatic life, and sewer lines. If you have motor oil that you need to dispose of, you can always take up to 5 gallons to a service station where they can turn around and recycle it or dispose of it properly. There are also companies that specialize in liquid waste removal that can come and pick it up to dispose of it properly.

Cooking Oil and Grease

Many restaurants and home businesses that use a lot of cooking oil for frying or cook a lot of animal fat know that disposing of the after products can take a lot of time and effort. These can clog up pipes really fast and require extra attention for disposal. Some landfills will take oil when it is poured into a sealed container. You can also mix it with kitty litter before putting it into closed bags for disposal. However, if you are in one of these businesses that has a large amount of these products, it is best to hire a company to come and pick them up. This not only makes your job easier, but you can rest assured that they are getting taken care of in the right way.

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