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Learn How To Turn Old Wine Bottles Into Halloween Decorations

Before tossing your old wine bottles into the trash, consider reusing them as great holiday decorations. Creating unique pieces of art with the bottles is quite easy to do and will cost a fraction of what you would pay for the traditional holiday decorations.

Use the following guide to learn how to turn three wine bottles into great Halloween decorations that you can use year after year.

Prepare the Bottles

Soak the bottles in warm water overnight. When you wake up, peel the labels away from the jar and use a sponge to scrub away any glue residue that is left behind. The bottles will look more professional, if there are no labels on them.

Sand the Bottles

The glass will be very smooth and it will be difficult for the paint to stick to it, if you do not rough the surface of the bottles a little bit. Use 180-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the bottles. Wipe off all of the powder with a clean rag when you are done.

Paint the Bottles

Stand one of the bottles on a paper plate in your yard. You want to spray paint the bottles outside to ensure proper ventilation of the fumes that the paint will emit. Use white spray paint to paint the bottle by moving the can back and forth as you paint.

This ensures the paint doesn’t collect in one area more than another. Paint the next bottle orange and the next bottle green, using the same technique. Allow the bottles to dry for two hours before continuing.

Add Details to the Bottles

Use acrylic paint and a fine-tipped paintbrush to add details to the bottles. The fine-tipped paintbrush will make adding intricate details easier because it is easier to control than a thick-tipped paint brush.

  • On the white bottle, add two large ovals for the eyes of the ghost and an even larger oval under those two ovals to create the mouth for the ghost with black paint.
  • On the orange bottle, create a pumpkin by making two triangles of the eyes, a smaller triangle for the nose, and a half crescent shape for the mouth with black paint. You can choose to have the pumpkin smiling or frowning.
  • On the green bottle, paint the top of the bottle black. Add a wave of jagged edges to the bottom of the black edge you are creating. This will create the hair of the Frankenstein bottle. Add two circles in white with black dots in the centers to make the eyes. Add a red line that goes from one side of the bottle to the other to create the mouth. Add two circles to either side of the bottle to create Frankenstein’s neck bolts.

These bottles are very easy to make. This is a project that you can do on your own or with your kids. Be sure to spray the finished bottles with polyurethane spray to protect them so the paint stays put for as long as possible. To learn more, contact a company like North Hill Bottle Depot with your questions.

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