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Benefits Of A Home Water Filtration System

According to Homewyse, it can cost anywhere from $370 to $500 to have a water filtration system installed in the home. While the high price tag deters many homeowners from having such a system installed, there are truly many benefits to having a home water filtration system.

Cleaner Drinking Water

As you likely know, tap water tends to contain small traces of chemicals, such as fluoride and chlorine. While these chemicals are obviously not hazardously detrimental to your well-being, they may have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a home water filtration system installed so that these chemicals are removed from your drinking water, likely making said water healthier for you.

Also, when you have a home water filtration system, the likelihood of drinking contaminated water decreases significantly. If your city’s water source becomes contaminated with chemicals, these chemicals will likely be removed by the filtration system, reducing the chance that you’ll get sick from drinking the water.

Prevents Soap Scum

Soap scum refers to the white solid that typically accumulates on dishes and glasses after washing them. The combination of hard water and soap is what actually causes the soap scum to appear. Hard water usually contains magnesium and calcium ions. These ions react with soap’s fatty acid component to create soap scum. Since water filtration systems remove these ions from your drinking water, you won’t have to deal with soap scum on the dishes. Soap scum also appears when chlorine vapors are released into the air. The home water filtration system will also remove the chlorine, so it won’t be possible for soap scum to form due to chlorine vapors reacting with the air.

Less Chemicals in Clothing

A home water filtration system cleans and filters all water from every water source in the house. This means that the water used for washing clothing will also be filtered. Many people harbor the misconception that there is no difference between using tap water and filtered water to clean clothes. The truth is that when you wash clothing with chemical-laden water, these chemicals become embedded into the fabric.

As you can see, despite the rather high cost of a home water filtration system, there are many benefits of having one installed. Not only will the filtration system make your drinking water healthier, but it will also prevent soap scum from accumulating on your dishes and chemicals from becoming embedded in your clothing.

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